China merchants is the precondition of hollow plate enterprise into the electricity industry
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Hollow board enterprise want to occupy the market, you need investment, investment is a premise in the development of hollow plate to expand, want to open a particular area of the market, you must first investment. Some enterprises in order to continuously expand the market share, in the national various blank area of investment, occupy the market ahead over time, occupy the market to expand market share.

Since this year, we can see everywhere the promotion information of the industry, both in the sales season and in the off-season, many enterprises in order to consolidate the market, to resist pressures such as rising raw material, still open again and again, President of sales, factory group purchase benefits activities and so on, affordable real consumers and occupy the market further.

Rut no matter which industry is unable to obtain development, eventually escape not to drop the fate of elimination, only those who keep pace with The Times, constantly breakthrough self, innovation of enterprise survival, hollow plate to the development of industry, requires constant innovation of enterprise, constantly introduce new ideas, new technology.

Raw material rise, profit is compressed the whole industry into the era of small profit, it is both opportunities and challenges for corrugated board industry, adversity leads to prosperity companies to adopt a series of measures to expand market share or consolidate market or toward diversified development, how many enterprises to meet the challenge to seize the opportunity to realize corner overtaking let me see.

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