What are the advantages using hollow board material?
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With the progress of the society, all kinds of industrial products material, machinery and equipment, constant innovation of business items are changed. Hollow board is a kind of new environmental protection material, is only one kind of people among various applications, people often put the hollow board and iron, wood, plastic, aluminum alloy, combination and a series of materials. People will consider which is better? Me for what? Simple said is demand, people have demand will dig to create. Let's talk about what are hollow board material below benefits:

1, the cost is low

First is the cost is lower than other materials, imported from material to finished product delivery series production process greatly saves a lot of cost.

2, the material is light

Use made of hollow plate products are light weight, material in the middle is hollow grid shape, easy to carry, can be random.

3, safe environmental protection

To know environmental protection material is a bit more attention in the world, characteristics of PP hollow plate has a non-toxic, no pollution, waste processing is simple, won't cause pollution to the environment, can be recycled, made into other plastic products.

4, antistatic, conductive, flame retardant

The methods of modification, mixing, surface spraying can make plastic hollow board has anti-static, conductive, or the performance of the flame retardant. Very explosive characteristics, let users in the use of safety in the process of ascension.

5, sound insulation, heat insulation

Due to the hollow structure of the plastic hollow board, make its heat transfer and sound transmission effect is significantly lower than the solid sheet, with good heat insulation, sound insulation effect.

6, good mechanics performance

The special structure of plastic hollow board, make its have good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, buffer shockproof, very high hardness, bending performance good, such as excellent mechanical properties.

7, stable chemical performance

Plastic hollow board can waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosion, insect corrosion, fumigation-free has obvious advantages compared with board, board.

8, color rich, smooth and beautiful

Wantong hollow plate special molding process, through the color masterbatch can be any color, and the surface is smooth, easy to printing. In the advertising industry and supermarket shelves, etc. Very practical.

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